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Tire numbers and letters on a sidewall contain information about the tire's size, maximum speed and load, age, treadwear capacity, and much more. “R” stands for the construction method of the tire indicating the tire is a radial tire. The following two numbers (16) indicate the diameter of the wheel rim. P/75 for example means that the tire height is 75 percent of its width. Construction of Honda Tires. Next up, you'll see a letter, which, on most passenger. identifies the tire section width, which is the measurement of the tire from sidewall to sidewall in millimeters. This measurement varies depending on the. Wheel size numbers refer to the tire's diameter, the width of the tire, the diameter of the rim, and the distance from the tire to the rim or hub. We can.

How Do You Measure Bicycle Tire Size? Bike tires are typically measured in two dimensions— diameter and width. The diameter measurement is an approximation of. The Basics of Tire Sizing ; Example 1: /″ · = refers to the width of the tire, measured in inches. = refers to the distance from the outside. Tire width always refers to the measurement from one sidewall to another. Thus, a tire with the measurement “P” is for a passenger vehicle and has a nominal. The tire diameter is the sum of the wheel diameter and twice the section height. What to consider when changing tire/wheel size? There are many reasons that a. How to Read a Tire Size on a Tire's Sidewall · 1. Metric or Tire Type. · 2. Tire Width. · 3. Aspect Ratio. · 4. Construction. · 5. Rim Diameter. · 6. Load Index. · 7. The aspect ratio is found by measuring from the wheel rim to the top of the tread. This number is a percentage of the tire width. For example, if your tire size. Tire size numbers explained ; The width of the tire in millimeters ; The height of the sidewall as a percentage of the tire width (50 percent of mm). This refers to the width of the tire tread, measured in millimeters, from sidewall edge to sidewall edge. In the examples above (P/60R16 95S and LT/75R So a /70/15 tire would be mm wide, the sidewall would be mm tall and it would fit around a 15 inch diameter wheel.

The three-digit number identifies the tire's section width in millimeters. The actual tire may not match perfectly to this, but it is close. The two-digit. The first three-digit number in the tire size refers to the tire width. For instance, in a size P/65 R15 tire, the width is millimeters. Following the three digits identifying the tire's Section Width in millimeters is a two-digit number that identifies the tire's profile or aspect ratio. This is. The width is the distance of the tire from sidewall to sidewall in millimeters. For a P/75 R17 82S tire, the aspect ratio would be This means that the. Tire width is a three-digit number that follows the tire class. This is the measurement from one sidewall to another in millimeters. For example, the marking of. 50 decimal after the initial number. In example "A" this reads , meaning the tire width is 12 and 1/2 inches. The final number simply is the wheel size or. A “C” indicates 6 plies, a “D” indicates 8 plies, and an “E” indicates 10 plies. The higher the number of plies in a tire, the stronger the tire is and the more. /60 = Aspect Ratio or section height to width ratio as a percentage. For this example, the side wall is 60% of the section width of the tire (mm x In addition to information on tire size, the code on your tire's sidewall also includes two indicators of their performance capacities. The first is load.

The last two-digit number specifies the size of the wheel the tire is built to fit. This is measured in inches. The tire example provided is made to fit a A larger width indicates a wider tire. Our example tire has a width of mm. ASPECT RATIO. After tire width, you'll find a slash and a two digit number. This code specifies the dimensions of the tire, and some of its key limitations, such as load-bearing ability, and maximum speed. Sometimes the inner sidewall. The tire size first number shows the width of the tire as measured at its widest part in millimeters, from one sidewall to the other. So for this marking: P/. It will be located between the edge of the outer tread and the inner edge where the tire meets the wheel. The size will also be sandwiched between the tire's.

How to Read a Tire Size \u0026 Understanding a Tire Sidewall

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