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Features: Designed for industrial application. Air flow measurement up to m/s. Resistant to high temperature, high pressure, dust, and corrosion. Sensor. Air Velocity Meter. An air velocity meter measures the speed or flow of air or wind. In addition to wind or air velocity, multi-functional air velocity. For highly accurate, low-medium range Airspeed Measurement · Measures Air Velocity and Temperature. · Calculates basic Volume Flow Rate in real-time. · Extremely. Our TSI air velocity transducer is perfect for temporary and pemanent installations & is ideal for applications with unknown flow direction. Carry out air velocity and volume flow measurements in ducts and at outlets faster, more conveniently and more accurately than ever before with the testo.

Wireless Air Velocity Vane Probe. Use with Your Smart Phone & FREE TPI View App to display air velocity, CFM, and temperature readings. · Measure air velocity. The high-performance F-Series platform uses dual-sensing elements to measure air velocity and temperature simultaneously. Designed with conformal coated. Air velocity meters measure airspeed and pressure. Also known as anemometers, they can test other variables such as air temperature, pressure. Temperature Process Instruments, Sauermanns AMI meter, SMT Multi-function Air Velocity, Temperature, Hygrometry probe. The flowing air causes a reduction of this temperature. The cooling effect is directly proportional to the mass flow and consequently to the air velocity and. The VelociCalc® Multi-Function Ventilation Meter features a menu-driven user interface for easy operation in your local language. Air velocity transmitters are sold in this category as well, which are ideal for monitoring air flow. Windmeters Portable test equipment indicates air velocity. Smart probe that measures air velocity, volume flow, and temperature and transmits data via Bluetooth to an App on your smart device. $ Monnit air velocity sensors measure the pressure difference between two input ports to measure airflow to track HVAC system's health and performance.

The AVT is an electronic air velocity and temperature transmitter for air and non-combustible gases with optional relay output. · AVT Air Velocity and. Accurate and reliable measurement up to 20 m/s ( ft/min). Very robust and highly insensitive to pollution. Starting at. The articulated air velocity probe is for measureing air velocity, temperature & more. Shop VelociCalc® Multi-Function Ventilation Meter A online! Kimo Instruments offers a wide range of air velocity sensors for monitoring the air velocity of HVAC systems. The devices offered by Kimo Instruments won't. Air Flow Sensor for HVAC. Accurate and reliable measurement up to 20m/s ( ft/min). Very robust and highly insensitive to pollution. Analogue output or. HHF series · Measures Air Velocities up to FPM (m/sec) · Measures Air Temperature up to 93°C (°F) · % Full scale accuracy (Velocity) · %. BTMETER BTA Pro Handheld HVAC Anemometer for CFM Air Flow, Wind Speed Meter Gauge Measures Wind Velocity Temp%RH Dew Point with. The Fluke AirMeter tool has an accessory velocity probe that uses a thermal anemometer to measure air velocity. A temperature sensor in the probe tip. KAH - Air Velocity Sensor KAH air velocity sensors are engineered for assisting in accurate ventilation control. They operate via an innovative hot film.

Air Velocity Sensor Pickup Probe Kit, 2-pipe, 8 Inch ( mm). The Air Velocity Averaging Sensor Kit is used with either static or differential air. Digital vane air velocity, calculate CFM and temperature. The Digital Air Velocity Meter is a state of the art, easy to use instrument designed to provide. A compact air velocity probe for HVAC applications. The built-in flow sensing element VTQ combines the advantages of state-of-the-art sensor in compact. Air Velocity Probe for use with APC SmartTouch; Synonyms: Luftgeschwindigkeitssensor; find Millipore MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers. There is huge selection of air velocity meters, so you can choose one right for your job. There are even data logging air flow meters. Companies such as, Extech.

F-Series: Dynamic Air Velocity Sensor Platform by DegreeC

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